system care antivirus

Ever heard of software called “Systems care antivirus”? It is a fake anti-virus that has been threating many computers that there is a virus in your computer and asks you to purchase the full edition to that anti-virus so that way you can remove the virus. Please be advised that this is a fake anti-virus program, and do not pay for it.

It is software that imitates the real security program which will try to force unsuspecting computer users into buying that software. To achieve its goals System care anti-virus will perform a fake computer scan and it will pretend to detect a really high risk malware and virus infections. This program creates variety of false security warning pop-ups. This bogus program will install on the users operating system using found security vulnerabilities, after it does that it will then make certain registry modifications and will block the execution of installed software, it will disable the task manager and will take over the internet browsers.
This fake security program came from a family of bogus antivirus programs called “Rogue: Win32/Winwebsec.previous”, its variant was called “AVASoft Antivirus Professional. Computer users must understand that none of the information that the program displays by the System Care Antivirus is real, all of the malware and virus infections are imaginary. Please note that this is a bogus anti-virus, even if you pay for it the messages are going to still pop up.
System care Antivirus works through hacked websites that are on your computer or as Trojans disguised as normal programs that are necessary for you to view an online video or any devices that you download to the computer such as scanner, printer, etc. Once it gets on the targeted computer, System care Antivirus will display a fake security alert, which was designed to scam you into believing that your computer is infected with a virus.
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