PC Maintenance Tips

PC Maintainance from CureMyPCKeeping your PC in good operating condition is very important. Too often we take our systems for granted. That is as long as they do for us what they should. When they aren’t operating like we want them to though that is when we get frustrated and upset. There are some things you can do though to keep yours operating well all the time. Following these PC maintenance tips can get you on the right track.

Always have a back up for storage of your files. This is something that people often tend to put off doing until they have suffered from significant losses of their data. It isn’t hard or expensive to do this and if you ever have to access your information from the back up source it is going to be well worth it.

Have an organized system on your computer for storing your files. Use Zip files when you can to cut down on the amount of actual space that you need for them. When your files are all over the place or they are using lots of space then your PC will run slower than it normally would.

Make it a habit to routinely defrag your computer and to remove files that you don’t need. If you use your computer all the time then defrag it weekly and clear up available disk space. If you don’t use your computer as often you can do this once a month for routine maintenance.

Every few months you should look through your programs on the computer. Uninstall any of them that you haven’t used for a long time.  Make sure you go through the right process of removing them though through your control panel. You should be able to see when you last used it.  As a rule of thumb remove any programs you haven’t used for the past six months.

Instead of storing your files in the C: drive you should place them into My Documents. By doing so you will use up far less space. You will also be able to avoid a variety of messages when you reboot your computer. Speaking of rebooting, that too can be one of the good PC maintenance tips. If you leave your computer on all the time you should reboot it periodically.

Protect your computer too with a surge protector for it to be plugged into. You just never know when you may get a storm that can cause damages to your computer. You can buy one for a low price and this is a great way to keep your PC functioning like it should. Pay close attention to changes in how your system is operating. Identify the reason and resolve it quickly. Make sure you always have a high quality anti virus on your PC.

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