1.Apple will reveal new iPhone next month

Apple is ready to unveil their new product, it could be called the
iphone 6 or it could be the iPhone 5S. It is said on September 10
they will introduce the new iPhone, the rumors are saying that is
will be using iOS7.

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2.Skype updates sends HD Video calling to iPhone,iPad

Their is a latest version of Skype, which supporst all hig-definition
video calls for the iPhone 5 and the 4th generation iPad. This update
was released on monday, it is the 4.10 version which adds more HD video
for both the iPhone 5 and the 4th Gen. iPad.

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3.BlackBerry considers possible sale, considers ‘strategic alternatives’

BlackBerry is putting itself up for sale as it considers other
alternative ways to boost up the sales of the new smart phone that
they introduced. Therer competition was hurt really bad because of all
the new gadget that Apple and Andriod are coming up with.
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4.The Chinese hacker group that hit the N.Y.Times is back with updated tools

The APT 12 hackes group has recently updated their malware program to
take over network-level detection. The Chinese hacker group have broken
into the computer network of The New York Times and also other high-profile
organizations which includes the defense contractors.

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5.Cell-phone talking while driving doesn’t lead to higher crash risk, researchers say

Driving and talking on the phone does not increase the risk of getting in
a crash, a new study that looked at all the real world accidents and cell phone
calls by the driver in U.S. from 2002 to 2005. When you are driving and you are
talking on the phone, it does not lead to higher crash risk.

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