1.Wi-Fi routers: More Security risks than ever

A new study shows that your network router could be eaisly hacked
into and you wouldn’t even notice that you have been attacked but
when you go on banking websites or emails they can take your
personal information, see how you can be secure.
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2.Google’s Brin backs world’s first lab-grown burger

Google created the world’s first lab grown burger, but surprisingly
there were no cows killed to make this burger, the meat was made out
of using cells from the cow’s shoulder, which would grow into strips
of meat, then it would be mushed into a patty.
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3.Woman buys two iPhones for $1300, gets only apples(really)

An Australian woman bought two iPhones from another Australian woman
for over 1,500 Australian dollars which is about 1,336 US dollars. The
woman was looking through the classified for iPhones and the other woman
calls her and arrages a meeting spot and then buys the iPhone that literally
has 2 apples.
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4.Terrafugia’s Transition flying car flies and drives for the first time in public

MIT start-up Terrafugia calls them “roadable aircraft” while people
call it a flying car.That is the power of jetsons and contemporaries.
Their goal is to make a framework that can drive and shackle technology
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5.The five scariest hacks we saw last week

If there is something that can connect to the internet, it could be
hacked, it could be a computer, phone and other popular targets, but
surprisingly computers and phones aren’t the only things getting hacked
its also cars, home security systems, TVs and even oil refineries.
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