dns virus

Ever heard or had the DNS virus? DNS is a malware which causes a computer to use rogue DNS servers. It can do this in two different ways. One, it can change the computer’s DNA server settings which will replace the ISP’s good servers, these rouge DNS servers are operated by the cyber criminals. Two, it will attempt to access devices on the victim’s office or home office network which run a dynamic host configuration protocol server.

The DNS virus tries to access these devices default usernames and passwords, when they do that if the process is successful, it changes the DNS servers. These devices are used from the ISP’s good DNS servers to the rogue servers, which are also operated by the cyber criminals. These change may affect all computers on the SOHO network, it could happen even if the computers are not infected with this malware. There is a way you can check if your computer has been infected, you can go to this website (http://www.dcwg.org/) and if it shows a green sign then you are not infected with that virus.
Apart from directing your computer to the rogue DNS servers, the DNS Changer malware may have prevented your computer from getting new updates from the operating system and the anti-malware updates, both of these are a very critical part of your computer because they keep you protected from online threats. This will increase the probability of your computer being infected by other malware viruses that are on the computer. The masterminded criminals, who thought of infecting the computers with the DNS virus, used many methods to spread the infections throughout the world. At the time of the infection going around, there were no patches or a solution to fix that problem that can be downloaded and installed to remove this malware.
People who believe their computers may be infected by this DNS virus should consult with a computer professional, people who do not have a recent back-up of their files that are on the computer, should do s aback-up of their computer before attempting to erase the malware and the virus, you would need to restore the computer with the CD’s you get with the computer when you bought the computer. Do you really want to go through the hassle of removing the virus and restoring your computer by yourself, let us help, at CureMyPC we have certified technicians that are here 24/7 to help you answer all the questions you may have about your computer. Call us now (800)349-4824 for a free diagnoses of your computer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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